A quality coffee liqueur

The coffee industry is big business. It's no wonder with an estimated 55 million cups consumed every day in the UK. Some 80% of people who visit coffee shops do so once a week, and 16% visit on a daily basis.

For the two Australian entrepreneurs who created Mr. Black - a wonderful coffee spirit - it was a no brainer to combine coffee and alcohol since there were no good quality coffee spirits on the market. The competition was sickly sweet and full of sugars and flavourings.


Mr Black cold press coffee liqueur has a beautiful aroma of fresh espresso, and is bitter but balanced on the palate with notes of chocolate, caramel and a slight citrus edge. It finishes with notes of toffee, marmalade and coffee. The caffeine profile has been toned down helping to ensure you’re not awake all night.

Mr Black is cold brewed and pressed to extract real coffee flavours and aromas -

it is now considered one of the best coffee spirits on the market anywhere in the world.

After launching Mr Black in 2013, they received a gold medal award at the 2012 International Wine and Spirits Competition in London - the highest award ever received by an Australian spirit. In early 2016 they were awarded “Favourite New Exhibitor” by trade and consumers at the London Coffee Festival, despite only entering the UK market just before the event in April.

The Coffee

Mr. Black is crafted from different beans and roasting profiles to develop different flavours in the final drop. Specifically;

  • BRAZILIAN ARABICA - A combination of a more traditional ‘French’ roast and a lighter, more contemporary roast. The Brazilian brings the unmistakable ‘fresh coffee’ flavour to the brew. It’s the foundation.
  • ETHIOPEAN DJIMMAH - A specialty coffee with a light-medium roast to bring fruit, toffee and chocolate flavours.
  • PNG - A flavour classic of the region, the PNG coffee brings a zesty citrus orange marmalade character.

The Process

Mr Black is entirely cold-extracted with no addition of flavours, preservatives, caramels or vanillas (generally used to disguise bad coffee or inferior process). Cold extraction – as the name suggests – is done at significantly lower temperatures to espresso – 23 degrees in this case. The result is a less acidic brew with a rounder mouthfeel and big coffee flavour – perfect for creating a liquor. Creating a coffee that can stand up to blending with spirits, Mr Black uses a significantly higher coffee-to-water ratio and longer steep time than traditional cold brew.

“for people who give a damn about what they drink”
(Tom Baker, Co-owner of Mr Black)