About The Drouthy Drinks Co.

adj. thirsty

The Drouthy Drinks Co. is an online bottleshop delivering boutique quality drinks to you at home anywhere in the UK.

We are a sibling of the popular "Drouthy Cobbler" bar in Elgin - "the coolest venue in Speyside" according to GQ Magazine.

Our beautiful part of north-east Scotland is home to some of the biggest names in malt whisky and due to the many locals working in that industry we are lucky to be witnessing new craft brands being born weekly.

Both in the bar and online, our passion is for high quality drinks in great surroundings.

"We drink well in nice bars, but we want to enjoy equally great booze at dinner parties or barbecues."

Through Drouthy Drinks we deliver quality drink brands to you - at home - to imbibe your private occasions with top quality booze.

The selection of drinks in our online bottle shop is curated by drinks industry professionals, including our professional bartenders who are very much at the coalface.  From bartenders favourites to local, craft offerings, we hope that you will find interesting, unique, and delicious drinks in our catalogue.

We are always keen to hear your feedback and invite you to get in touch.